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The Walk with Robert Walser

The walker Robert Walser?
Detail of a photograph from his time.

ÔÇ×One morning, as the desire to take a walk came over me, I put my hat on my head, left my writing room, or room of phantoms, and ran down the stairs to hurry out into the street.ÔÇť

This is how Robert Walser (1878-1956) ÔÇô also called the Swiss ┬źKafka┬╗ ÔÇô begins his prose piece ┬źThe Walk┬╗ in 1917. Whatever the walking person experienced… Weiterlesen →

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Universal Grammar with Noam Chomsky

or many students, grammar is the most unpopular part within all language subjects, especially in lessons in their mother tongue. This result can be found in every school class by way of a short survey; I usually identified about 5% of all pupils interested in grammar. And a short test on the sustainability of grammar terms proved even worse results: almost no one could provide definitions for five… Weiterlesen →